Safe Watching for Your Kids

Hi everyone! It’s Sharon again!

The Parents’ Television Council (PTC) has been screening media for family-friendly content since 1995. They are constantly monitoring TV, movies, and now, streaming video – one of the main ways that kids are viewing media like Netflix, YouTube, AmazonPrime,  Hulu, etc.

Image result for tv watchingThis interview with their Program Director, Melissa Henson gives a clearly voiced message about how to protect children from viewing things you would prefer they NOT see! Their website is ptcusa.come and their Facebook page PTCUSA.

Episode 21: Know how to keep your kids safe while streaming video online!


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This past Sunday, our Treasure Seeker story was from Exodus 1 about two brave midwives.

Do you ever need courage to do something that is loving, kind, compassionate, and peaceful? How do you find the courage? Who can help you to be brave?



PraiseMakers Resumes September 10

The Praise Makers Children’s Choir begins on Sunday, Sept. 10th.

We hope your children, age 3 through 5th grade, will participate. You can sign them up at the welcome center this Sunday. Thank you!

On the 10th, families can enjoy a 9:15 breakfast in the Narthex (Thanks to the Fellowship Team!!) then go to Praise Makers or other classes at 9:30.

Comparisons Can Steal Contentment

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I found a new blog that really spoke volumes to me as I’ve heard some conversations recently that took me off-guard. They centered around the question of kids in church who were ‘ready for kindergarten’. It made me think about the comment that Pastor Marc made in a sermon about FB making people depressed when they compare their life to their friends’ FB posts. It’s like reading a perpetual Christmas letter. No one ever mentions the un-lovely stuff that happens to us!

I think this article raises some valuable points about how cautious we should be about comparing our kids to others’ developmental milestones, musical or athletic talent or self-confidence. Let us know what you think about how Comparisons can steal contentment.

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