Teaching Kids To Give Back: Ways To Volunteer As A Family


Here’s some inspiration Sharon found for encouraging our children to help others!

Whether it be your time or energy, giving doesn’t just benefit those you’re helping: Research shows that generosity is also beneficial for the health and happiness of the giver, and it can even add years of life!

Need some inspiration to get out there and give back? Check out these six easy ways to give back to the community in a big way — and without ever writing a check!

5. Volunteer To Help Elderly Neighbors

  1. Serve a meal at a shelter
  2. Help clean up a neighborhood park
  3. Sing for senior citizens
  4. Hold a Bake Sale for a charity, school or church
  5. Volunteer to help out elderly neighbors
  6. Knit for the needy

For mor complete suggestions, go to: https://www.littlethings.com/6-ways-to-give-back-community/?utm_source=LTcom&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=uplifting

Wanting Our Children to Be Better Than Us

Hi everyone — It’s Sharon today. I found this article fairly relevant, since we are about to celebrate Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day next month) It’s an excerpt from an article by Michael Josephson, whose newsletter I read regularly. (The link to the whole article follows.)

Do parents have moral standing to impose standards on their children that they themselves did not follow when they were kids? Is it ever ethical for parents to lie to a child about their youthful experiences?

These are important questions because it’s a parent’s duty to teach, enforce, advocate and model good behavior for their kids. Sure, it’d be easier if we never did anything we’re uncomfortable being honest about, but judgment and responsibilities grow as we mature. Good parenting would be impossible if we were disqualified from setting and demanding high standards of prudent and ethical behavior no matter how foolish we were as youngsters. Our duty to be a good model concerns the present, not the past…..”

To read more, go to:   What Will Matter

A Downtown Labyrinth

If you are downtown this spring, there’s a neat prayer labyrinth mowed into the grass at the corner of St. Clair and Delaware (just a block or so east of the Central Library).

Image result for what is a labyrinth walkIn a labyrinth there is a clear path in and out. (That means you can’t get lost!) Sometimes the practice is called ‘walking meditation’. One suggestion for walking the prayer path encourages release of the things that distract us from God as we move toward the center, a pause at the center to feel God’s Spirit and Presence with you, then prayers for inspiration or direction as one moves out to ministry in the world.

In the Middle Ages thelabyrinths were used as a way for people to participate in a pilgrimage without the expense or time required in actually going to another place.

Let us know if you have any questions about prayer labyrinths.


Hi to you all — It’s Sharon again.

Here’s some support from a woman who calls herself the ‘Counter-Cultural Mom’.

As parents, we know it’s hard to keep up with today’s pop culture and what our kids are being exposed to. We think they are safe and then BAM, porn shows up on an iPod or a stranger propositions our child through a video game.

How do we keep our kids safe from the constant bombardment of trash in the media? Here’s the first step!

At her website,  Counter Culture Mom you can check out her resource guide to see if any of the solutions she suggests sound like they would work for your family. (It’s a free download, if you want the whole thing.)

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE from the Counter-Culture Mom: Find out what celebrities your kids follow and do some research to see what those people promote through their songs or shows. If their message does not line up with what you want your kids to learn, find positive replacements today! Ask your kids why they follow those certain celebrities. You’ll be surprised at what the conversation leads to.

Offerings of Food and Letters

Image result for food pantry clip artNext Sunday (May 7) there’s a Bread for the World Offering of Letters and a food collection for Hunger Inc. If you are at the grocery store this week and want to pick up a few items for Hunger, Inc., mac and cheese, spaghetti-os, and cereal were all listed in the bulletin today. Many kids like these foods and might enjoy picking some out to share with others.

Image result for bread for the world logo

The “Offering of Letters” is one way for people to contact their elected Senators and Representatives to voice their concerns for hungry people here and abroad and to encourage them to vote for measures that provide appropriate help and support.