Comparisons Can Steal Contentment

Related imageHi! It’s Sharon, today!

I found a new blog that really spoke volumes to me as I’ve heard some conversations recently that took me off-guard. They centered around the question of kids in church who were ‘ready for kindergarten’. It made me think about the comment that Pastor Marc made in a sermon about FB making people depressed when they compare their life to their friends’ FB posts. It’s like reading a perpetual Christmas letter. No one ever mentions the un-lovely stuff that happens to us!

I think this article raises some valuable points about how cautious we should be about comparing our kids to others’ developmental milestones, musical or athletic talent or self-confidence. Let us know what you think about how Comparisons can steal contentment.

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Blog for Parents To Check Out!

Hi Everyone — It’s Sharon again, and I just found a blog that you may want to check out!

I just finished a really great post by the wife/mom/executive assistant titled “Confessions of An Insecure Mom”. Can anyone relate?!! Anyone who CAN’T?? (I don’t believe you!!)

You can read it at UNITED&UNTIED   Here’s the intro……


Blessing of BACKPACKS

Image result for clip art backpacksThe blessing of backpacks is coming in just a few days.

We hope you can join us for worship on Sunday, July 23rd. Worship begins at 10:30am in the sanctuary.

Children are invited to wear their backpacks up to the children’ message that day. Before the children leave for Treasure Seekers, we will be blessing the children as the new school year begins.

If you know families who are not part of a faith community, please invite them to join us. Thank you!