Advent Is…. Anticipation!!

Product DetailsThe four Sundays before Christmas are celebrated at Friedens with lighted candles in a wreath, and are a time of the heart’s preparation for the birth of Jesus.

In  the wreath, the 1st Sunday’s candle (purple or blue) represents HOPE; the 2nd (purple or blue) represents FAITH  ; the 3rd (pink), represents JOY; and the 4th, (purple or blue) represents LOVE. If there is a center candle, it is usually white, representing Christ’s purity.

We hope you will join us on Sunday at about 11:30am after worship for some Advent games and crafts. Please let Pastor Sarah know if you plan to come!! We don’t want to run out of food!!

Several different Advent traditions are described at this website.

Directions and thoughts for making an Advent wreath at this site:

In addition, there are many devotionals, but several choices are provided at our Welcome Center or Resource Table.


A Time for Prayer and Thanks

Thanksgiving Prayer - 7 Encouraging and Inspiring Prayers!Two Sundays ago, during Treasure Seekers we talked about different parts of prayer. Thanksgiving can offer us a great opportunity to use these key things to compose a family prayer for your celebration.

The word ACTS can help us remember some of the different parts of prayer.
A – adoration – praising God for who God is
C- confessing – telling God we are sorry for our sins
T -thanksgiving- thanking God for
S – supplication – asking God for the concerns of others and the concerns we have; asking God to help us be loving and faithful followers of Jesus.

We also talked about the importance of being quiet in prayer to listen to God and be still and open to God’s Spirit.

Spirit & Place Events in November

About the Spirit & Place Festival

Spirit & Place opens minds, touches hearts, builds bridges and helps citizens move forward in new ways individually and collectively. It’s all in our name: Spirit & Place. Through growth of the human spirit, Central Indiana becomes a better place.

You can find a schedule of events at the Spirit & Place Festival website.

Phone App Stops Cyberbullying

Hi everyone! It’s Sharon again….

Here’s some news that really grabbed my attention after attending a workshop where the speaker quoted a study that found higher levels of depression and loneliness among heavy users of technology. I’m sure that anxiety about cyberbullying contributes to that.

This teen’s app stops cyberbullying!  The featured app is called ReThink.

You can read the full aImage result for images of phonesrticle about this young woman at

Other competition winners are also highlighted.