Phone App Stops Cyberbullying

Hi everyone! It’s Sharon again….

Here’s some news that really grabbed my attention after attending a workshop where the speaker quoted a study that found higher levels of depression and loneliness among heavy users of technology. I’m sure that anxiety about cyberbullying contributes to that.

This teen’s app stops cyberbullying!  The featured app is called ReThink.

You can read the full aImage result for images of phonesrticle about this young woman at

Other competition winners are also highlighted.




World Communion Sunday


Image result for world communion sunday imagesWe hope to see you for Praise Makers, Revive and Thrive, Treasure Seekers, and worship tomorrow. We’ll be celebrating World Communion!

Also, this Sunday we will collect a Special offering for our UCC Neighbors In Need (NIN) fund that is focused on providing clean water around the world, this year.

Special Offering for Neighbors In Need

We will be sharing in this special offering on Sunday. I thought you might like to talk with your children about it before Sunday. We hope your week has started out well. You are in our prayers.

Image result for clean water imagesNeighbors in Need Offering is October 1
Neighbors in Need is the UCC’s annual offering to support ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States, including the Council for American Indian Ministries (CAIM), justice and advocacy efforts, and direct service projects funded by the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries.

This year’s theme is “Protect the Sacred: In a Just World, Clean Water is Life.”

If you would like to learn more, please check out the display in the Narthex, or visit
Offering envelopes are available in the Narthex and will also be included in the worship packet next Sunday.